Miscellaneous Fanuc Parts

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Robot Controller Description Part Number
RH Remote CRT/KB A13B-0144-B001
RH Remote CRT Monitor A61L-0001-0088
RH Remote CRT Control PCB A16B-1211-0760
RH Remote CRT Fan Unit A13B-0144-C001
RH Battery Case A98L-0004-0096
RH Battery (D-Cell) A98L-0031-0005
RH Operator Panel A05B-2051-C122
RH Operator Panel A05B-2051-C121
RH Outlet Unit A05B-2051-C021
RH Disconnect Switch A60L-0001-0181#175
RH Fan A05B-2051-C901
RH Fan A05B-2051-C902
RH Fan A05B-2051-C903
RH Fan A05B-2051-C904
RH Fan A05B-2051-C905
RH Servo Transformer A80L-0026-0001
RH Input Transformer A80L-0012-0010
RH User Transformer A80L-0001-0520
RH Control Transformer A80L-0001-0498
RH Discharge Unit A06B-6050-H050
RH Power Input Unit A14B-0076-B323
RH Power Input Unit A14B-0076-B322
RH Power Input Unit A14B-0076-B325
RH Power Input Unit A14B-0076-B324

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