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Fanuc S-12 Robot

Basic Description

The Fanuc S-12 is a six-axis, 12kg (26.41bs) payload robot designed for a variety of manufacturing processes. It has a large work envelope (1602mm reach) which allows robot operation over a wide range of high speed manufacturing processes. Its low arm mass and rigid design allows precise positioning with 0.1 mm (k 0.004") repeatability at high speed. Double-jointed arm increases positioning flexibility. This robot requires no calibration at power-up, and has fail-safe brakes on all axes. It requires no modifications for upright, inverted, angle, shelf, or wall mounting. It is ideal for tight installations. It uses brushless AC motors, sealed bearings, grease fittings on all lubrication points and directly-coupled drives to increase reliability and minimize maintenance. Quick disconnect cables, routed through hollow RV speed reducers and arms for internal electrical and pneumatic services to end of arm tooling. The S-12 uses a series RJ-2 controller.


360" Axis 1 base rotation
Integrated auxiliary axes
Axis 2 cable and motor cover

Common Applications

Fanuc S-12 Specifications
Structure Vertical jointed-arm type
Controlled Axes 6
Payload 12kg (26.4lbs)
Horizontal Reach 1605mm (63.1”)
Repeatability ±0.1 mm (0.004")
MaximumMotion Axis 1 330°
Axis 2 265°
Axis 3 450°
Axis 4 380°
Axis 5 280°
Axis 6 540°
Range Maximum Speed Axis 1 135°/s
Axis 2 120°/s
Axis 3 135°/s
Axis 4 240°/s
Axis 5 240°/s
Axis 6 400°/s
Approximate Mass 230kg (507 lbs)